It's More Than Hair, It's an Experience

Welcome to BelAmina, where passion, expertise, and a commitment to excellence come together to create a truly unique experience.. BelAmina Hair was created to redefine beauty and empower every individual who steps into our world. Shop our unique collection below and discover the perfect piece that will make you feel like a true Belababe, radiating confidence and beauty.


BelAmina represents the culmination of Megan's journey, from her early days experimenting with wig-making to her current pursuit of creating a thriving business. Fueled by her desire for personal fulfillment, Megan has merged her expertise as a nurse with her love for creating machine-crafted wigs, resulting in a brand that embodies an unforgettable experience.

Megan's journey is one of resilience and overcoming obstacles. Raised in a single-parent household with four siblings, she defied the odds and refused to let her circumstances define her future. As a teenage mother, she embraced her role as a leader and became determined to be a voice for her people. With BelAmina, Megan not only offers a range of luxurious wigs but also aims to inspire and empower others through her work. As the brand continues to grow, Megan envisions expanding BelAmina to provide sewing classes, mentoring, and tutorials, creating a community that goes beyond just a product.

Join Megan and the Belababes tribe on this extraordinary journey, where passion and dedication meet luxury and empowerment. Discover the exquisite collection of machine-crafted wigs and experience the transformative power of BelAmina.